Friday, May 31, 2013

yard work(out)

you strap this to your back with a, 20-ish pound, dumbell in it
and push this:

around the yard

you add some monkey bars
and a dash of:

up and over the fence a bunch of times

finish with 50 push ups
and you've got yourself a workout
savage race here i come

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

blogging again

I've done this once before
and I've taken a break
and now, I have had the urge to do it again...
it was therapeutic for a bit
then it was a hassle
and now, I have had the urge to do it again...
I started a new site because
I don't feel like paying for my domain if I ain't gonna do it...
since I've been gone I've done a tough mudder
and some major-ish home improvement projects,
we surprised our kids with a disney world trip and
not a whole lot more that's much to speak of

this year I've got a savage race coming up,
i'm hoping to get some camping done,
i'd like to ride my bikes more...   i'd like to ride my age on my 40th b-day
and i'm contemplating doing the march for the fallen

that's it...   i'm glad to be back
man, I hope somebody reads this

Monday, May 27, 2013

a memorial day to remember... get it?

got up whenever this morning
and decided to go for a ride to where ever
ended up at pichot
the place was abuzz...    people everywhere
lots of people camping, kayaking, fishing
and just hanging out grillin' 'n' chillin'
it's good to see so many enjoying nature
though, a little annoying if your looking for
peace and quiet sitting in the woods by yourself
got home and grilled up some veggie burgers and taters
then the family went to see star trek...   awesome!
now i'm gonna have some homemade ice cream
what a day