Wednesday, March 5, 2014


got out for a couple of walks this week 
weather be damned
i also got out for a quick 7 single speed miles today
things are starting to look up
ready for the snow to clear so i can get out for more

Saturday, March 1, 2014

mother nature is a real motha

i took my road bike in for a tune-up. just got my new handlebars on and wrapped 'em. got the stumphumper all built up. and old yeller is ready to go with a basket for the dog and/or library runs. 
the stable's ready and all i can do is hang out in the garage and look at 'em.
it's not that i mind winter riding. i actually enjoy it...   somewhat. it's just been too cold for me and there's way too much snow. and there's more on the way. (!?)
is this some kind of joke?
i'm ready to ride! ugh!
oh well. just a few more weeks i suppose. and i'll have plenty of good weather to ride off the weight i've accumulated while waiting.

here's to milder weather!