Saturday, June 8, 2013

it's been a long time...

...since me and trashbike rock 'n' rolled
i got out with my friend dan this morning for a ride at rocky ridge
what a great morning; kinda cool, pretty cloudy
it's rained here for the last couple of days
so the trails were sloppy and slick...   just how i like 'em
i wondered why we didn't see more bikes out
it wasn't 'till we were leaving the park that we noticed
that the trails were closed to bikes (no wonder that park worker was giving us the stink eye)
oh well, we're outlaws, that's how we roll
it felt good to be out again
what, with work and home improvements and mens' group and life
i haven't done much dirt on saturday mornings, lately
that will have to change...   'cause i liked it!
post ride recovery drink

Thursday, June 6, 2013

a couple of days of riding

i had two really nice rides this week
one was business (the library had a book i'd requested)
and one was pleasure...      well, both were pleasure
i met this really cool older guy who was out for a walk;
20-25 years older than me and still in great shape and enjoying life,
i saw a water snake while relaxing next to a creek,
i was closer to an eagle than i've ever been,
and i found a fun gravel road really close to home
'twas a good week for those who like to pedal

at my sittin' spot

the dover eagle


i needed more time to explore fully

Sunday, June 2, 2013

an 'action' packed weekend

saturday morning the 'men of action' took action
and started work on an actionchurch family member's house
we power-washed, scraped paint, drank coffee and gave each other a hard time
good times

ricky- glazing

aaron- scraping

then i had band practice with our actionchurch house band
(working name: johnny likes cupcakes)
we've only had two practices but we've learned 3 songs...
...we're pretty awesome

JLC- rocking
then sunday we had our first 'action's angels' motorcycle ride
we rode out after the church was packed into the truck
we had a nice scenic ride with just a bit of rain
then we stopped for ice cream (johnny loves ice cream)

the angels- chillin'