Sunday, February 23, 2014

good-bye old friend

i found trashbike, as you guess, in the trash
my neighbor was cleaning out his garage
and decided he wasn't going to ride it anymore
so he put it in the trash
i had been mountain biking once before and hated it
i was on a loner from a friend that didn't fit me
i was about 250 pounds of lazy, smoking man
it wasn't fun
so when i found trashbike and i was in much better shape
i thought i might retry this mountain biking thing
it had no seat, no grips, and the rear wheel was bent
so bad that i took off the rear brakes for the first few rides
so I fixed up and really fell in love with biking
to trashbike i owe, to degree, my health
some really good friendships
and a lot of fun times
but from the beginning i new i'd want a new frame
and a few weeks ago i bought one and built it up yesterday
let the next adventure begin 

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