Monday, November 4, 2013

a great weekend

-thursday: took the kids 'trick or treating'
instituted the 'daddy tax' and scored some peanut butter cups

-friday: went mountain bike camping with the 'wojo crew'
had a blast in michaux state forest
a little riding, a lot of good food, some booze, and lots of laughs

-saturday:  had to get home for 1:00 band practice
after that the family went to a roller derby bout in Lancaster
one of my wife's coaches was playing...   a lot of fun!

-sunday: the band played our first show at actionchurch
it was great, I haven't been on stage in a very long time
it was cool that it was in front of a lot of good friends
then I watched as my Eagles killed it
and the family did a Doctor Who marathon

a really great weekend!

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